Signs that Tell – It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

Having an air conditioner has become second nature for many people, especially because they grew up with one. However, there will come a times when the system will need to be replaced. Given that the average AC lifespan is 15 years, now is an excellent time to schedule an AC replacement in Houston.

After an AC unit has been in use for ten years, the demand for its maintenance service increases, this is frequently owing to the high number of maintenance and part replacements required as it near the end of its useful life.

Signs that Suggest the Time to Replace Your AC Unit has Come

With the help of AC repair in Houston, it has become easier to have your system replaced. It will make things easier, and it will also help improve your home’s air quality. Here are some signs that suggest a replacement is the best option –

Increase in Utility Bill

It’s common knowledge that your utility cost will rise throughout the summer. This is frequently due to the constant usage of fans and air conditioners to keep cool. However, if you see an extraordinary spike in your electricity bill, your system is malfunctioning. This is frequently attributed to a decrease in inefficiency. His is usually remedied with the aid of services and repairs. However, if the problem persists, an air conditioner replacement is required.

Frequent Need for Repairs

There will comes a time when your air conditioner system will need to be repaired. This could be due to the deterioration of parts or a malfunctioning system. When you observe an increase in the number of repairs on your calendar, on the other hand, it’s time to call for an AC service in Houston. This is because frequent repairs, especially for the same issue, only costly, but there is also no guarantee that the problem will be resolved.

Weird Smells and Noises

When some systems are turned on, they emit a distinct odor and sound. This usually indicates that the system is in good working order. However, there is an issue if you hear pounding or screeching sounds emanating from your system. These noises usually indicate that internal pieces have loosened and are colliding with one another. In addition, weird moldy or burning smells suggest mold growing in your system, or some wires are burning.

Temperature Imbalance

An imbalance in air temperature could be due to a faulty thermostat or leaks in the ductwork. However, if the issue persists after these things are resolved, an AC replacement is needed. Temperature imbalance causes hot and cold spots to appear around the room. Apart from being uncomfortable, it puts a strain on the system as it struggles to regulate and cool down the room properly. This results in the system needing to be left on for longer than necessary.

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