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Electric Furnace Services in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, West University, Bellaire, Pearland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Fulshear, Stafford, Alief, Missouri City, TX and Surrounding Areas. We provide furnace replacement Houston.

Electric furnaces for households have the benefit of being adaptable. The widespread availability of electrical wiring means that you can install electric furnaces practically anywhere.

Since no hazardous or flammable gasses are present, they are safer than gas furnaces. Although electric furnaces are often less efficient than gas furnaces, advancements in technology have made electricity a viable option for cutting back on power consumption.

The quality of the electric furnace service is just as important as the quality of the electric furnace itself. If you want your furnace to work well and dependably, you should have a Heating Replacement Houston, TX and service it.

When Should You Service Your Electric Furnace?

Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Regular furnace service in Houston, TX, reduces the likelihood of a breakdown occurring at an inopportune time and keeps your furnace operating at peak efficiency all year.

To avoid fires caused by faulty heating elements, inspect each component for signs of damage, loosening, and dirt and dust buildup. Yearly maintenance includes changing the filters, resetting the thermostat, and replacing the heat strips.

  • Unit not turning on

In general, starting and maintaining a furnace becomes more challenging with age. You likely require a repair if you have to try many times to start the unit or restart your furnace during the day.

  • Abnormal smell

At some point during operation, particularly after being turned on for the first time, most furnaces will give off a faint scent of the fuel they utilize. However, if the odor persists and grows stronger, you may need to get your furnace serviced immediately.

  • Broken motor

Maybe you hear the furnace kick on, but there’s no heat from the registers. You could also have observed that there is no functioning fan. The blower motor may have overheated if that’s the case. If the motor in your furnace’s fan fails to work, your home will lose its heat.

  • Old electrical system

Several electrical issues can prevent your furnace from working properly, including faulty or aging wiring and an electrical panel that cannot support all of your equipment. These issues can be difficult to diagnose since they could originate in either the thermostat or the heating system.

Maintaining Your Furnace With Professional Assistance

Typically, the lifespan of an electric furnace is ten years longer than that of a gas furnace, requiring fewer repairs. Nonetheless, they still need routine upkeep to prevent the need for emergency services.

You can’t expect your electric furnace to serve you well for a very long time without regular maintenance. Arrange for annual furnace maintenance from a Furnace Service Houston, TX, to help reduce the need for electric furnace repair.

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