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Air conditioning has become a necessity in modern American life, providing us with the luxury of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature at home. However, the continuous usage of your AC system can impact its efficiency over time. That’s why scheduling regular AC maintenance in Houston every six months is essential to ensure your system operates at peak performance.

At Alief Ultra Mechanical, our professional technicians understand the importance of prompt and reliable service, offering a range of services, including new AC installation, preventative maintenance, replacement, and AC service in Houston. Contact us today to keep your air conditioner in top condition.

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Top 4 Air Conditioner Upkeep Tips to Know Before the Summer Season

Here four essential air conditioning upkeep tips to keep in mind during the upcoming summer season:

      1. Change or Clean Your Air Conditioning Air Filters

Disposable air filters keep your cooling device clean and limit dangerous pollutants from contaminating the indoor air. However, these air filters collect a significant amount of dirt over time. Therefore, it is prudent to change or clean your air conditioning air filters once every three to four months.

You must often replace your air filters when you have pets or during allergy season. Professionals suggest choosing a filter ranked MERV 7-11. Anything higher will reduce the airflow on your cooling device, unnecessarily raise the load on your AC unit, and negatively impact its power efficiency.

      2. Schedule Seasonal Air Conditioner Upkeep

Opting for a professional technician to handle AC maintenance in Houston is a smart decision. Air conditioning experts are trained to identify potential problems, and scheduling routine maintenance appointments can prevent you from neglecting your air conditioning unit.

      3. Clear the Area Around Your Air Conditioning Device

Ensure the area surrounding your outside air conditioning unit is always clean to promote the free flow of air. Sometimes shrubs and vines grow over the winter season, covering your external machine.

Thus, it is essential to cut the shrubs, vines, and other plants around your machine to allow sufficient airflow, and you must unclog the areas within three feet of your cooling device.

      4. Clean Vents and Fans

An air conditioning device will function correctly only if the fans and ducts are clean. These ducts and fans operate all year round, delivering your home with adequate cooling when required, and this ongoing process easily causes dirt to collect. Cleaning these will assist in cooling your house faster.

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