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Air Conditioner Tune Up – Servicing the Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas

Air conditioning devices consist of several internal components in indoor and outdoor units. Similar to other electronic equipment in your home, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the efficient and optimal functioning of your cooling unit. While these systems are designed to operate effectively for many years, scheduling an AC tune-up is essential to maintain your air conditioner’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Get your air conditioning running at peak performance with an AC tune-up service from Alief Ultra Mechanical. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can quickly diagnose any issues that may be affecting the efficiency of your unit and inspect all components for signs of wear or tear. Beat the heat this summer by calling us now to schedule an AC tune up in Houston, TX.

What does a professional air conditioner tune-up include?

Here are several steps included in a professional air conditioning tune-up:

Inspecting and adjusting the belts and blower motor

Heating and cooling professionals inspect the blower fan for dirt and dust that can lead to decreased performance. This fan usually sucks air through the filter before expelling it as a cool breeze from your ducts.

Examining the indoor coil and replacing the air filter

Cleaning dirt and debris is important for air conditioning tune-up. If dust and dirt accumulate inside the filter, they will gather on the coil, reducing the efficiency of your device. Regular changing of your air filters can help prevent this from happening.

Inspect the overflow safety control

The overflow safety control is situated inside the indoor unit. It remains in charge of turning off your system if it catches a blocked condensation pipe or water is draining incorrectly. A faulty safety control puts you at risk of a leak, which, if not caught quickly, could cause harm to your home.

Capacitor testing

A capacitor is a small part necessary to the overall device’s functionality. Your AC has around three capacitors. If one breaks down, the entire system will be impacted. Always ensure that all of the capacitors in your air conditioning system are up to date.

Tightening electrical connections

All electrical connections must be tightly secured with no loose wires to ensure safety. Additionally, a professional technician will seal up the edges and top of the box with clear silicone to protect the disconnect box from moisture and debris.

Examine the refrigerant charge and any possible leaks

If your air conditioning device loses too much coolant or refrigerant, you won’t be able to operate your device until it’s fixed. A skilled technician inspects and repairs the refrigerant lines for proof of physical damage.

Inspecting the thermostat

Without a functioning thermostat, you will have no means to maintain your air conditioning system. Ensure that you review the calibration of the thermostats.

Bugs and rodents

Bugs and rodents often make their homes inside the electrical boxes of air conditioners. Inspect for damaged wires or insects near electrical connections, such as bugs or spiders.

Advantages of routine air conditioner tune-up

Reduced energy bills

If your home’s air conditioning system is not functioning efficiently, it will require more power to cool your home. Frequent upkeep of your air conditioning system leads to less power consumption.

Fewer expenses for repairs

Regularly scheduling AC tune up in Houston for It helps prevent minor issues from becoming more severe and expensive. By detecting problems early on, you can decrease the money you spend on repairs down the line.

Regular maintenance from experts at Alief Ultra Mechanical can help extend the life of your air conditioning equipment and reduce the likelihood of having to purchase a new AC system. We also offer AC repair in Houston to help you install a new air conditioning system if you need one.

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