Reliable Local Trane AC Service in Houston

Alief Heating & Air Conditioning is a certified and professional HVAC repair service provider near you. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for Trane furnace and air conditioners. Trane HVAC products are sturdy and are tested in extreme conditions; and they have a reputation for reliability. With decades of experience in the field of furnace repair and AC repair Houston, we have handled thousands of Trane products. And we are proud of our team of most competent HVAC technicians near you. 

Signs That Your Trane System Needs A Professional AC Service in Houston

There are plenty of signs that your Trane system may demonstrate. Sometimes, those can make you feel like calling a Trane HVAC service near you. But there are few problems with your air conditioner which you can manage at home without professional guidance, like:

Cleaning of Air Filters

If your HVAC system’s air filters are the main culprit for a malfunctioning issue, you don’t need to call for professional HVAC services. Cleaning of the air filters is an easy task. You can repeatedly clean the air filters without knowing much about HVAC system engineering. If dirt, dust, and debris are clogging your AC, they will also interrupt the airflow inside your house. Sometimes, it also can make your AC to shut down temporarily, and you can misunderstand that with a permanent breakdown.

Dirty Condenser Unit

The outdoor AC unit plays a vital role in your home cooling. And you need to be careful while handling the outdoor unit. Though the condenser unit is robust and can handle any weather and climatic conditions, it can’t self-clean. As your AC condenser unit is set outside your home, leaves, grass, and other debris may clog it. Cleaning the outdoor unit more often can help you keep a uniform airflow without interruption. If your AC installation Houston is shut down due to a dirty outdoor unit issue, you can easily clean it with a garden hose.

But There Are Some Other Problems Which Need A Professional Trane AC Service in Houston

Rising Energy Expenses

There can be many reasons due to which your energy utility bill is getting higher and higher. Speculating various issues and reasons for the soaring bills is not the ultimate solution. Thus, calling a professional Trane HVAC technician near you is better when you experience high energy bills every month. There must be something wrong, compelling your AC to run at its peak performance and increasing energy consumption.

Foul Odors

If your Trane HVAC system generates foul odor, that can be because of some internal problems. And you need to address those problems with immediate action. Stinky air can be due to some leakages, dirty air filters, broken gas lines, or other electrical issues, and all these problems need professional attention.

Strange Sounds

If any part of your HVAC system is broken, it can make a strange sound while operating. There are many reasons that may lead to irritating and undesirable sounds coming out from your HVAC system. So, if it is difficult for you to comprehend the reason behind the noise, you must switch off the system and call an AC service Houston right away.

No Matter How Complex the Problem, Our Tried-and-Tested Trane Air Conditioner Repair Service Covers Everything

We have an in-depth knowledge of the field and experience of working with all the models and makes of Trane HVAC systems. And we are confident about one thing – come what may, we have a solution! Our technicians perform a thorough system inspection before starting any repair work. And they leave no problem undetected and unresolved before leaving your place. Thus, taken from small HVAC issues to bringing an AC back to normal even after a system failure, we can do it all. And that’s what we have done so far! We keep ourselves updated about the latest tools and tactics to make our services more competent and dependable.

No Surprise Pricing Anymore for A Trane HVAC Repair Near You

We are upfront with our pricing. We offer you the best possible quote before starting any job.

For many years, Alief Heating & Air Conditioning has become a household name for handling all HVAC-related problems. We have special offers and deals to make your HVAC repair hiring experience a better one with us. Call us at (281) 498-4148 to know more, or to schedule an appointment as we are one of the best, fast and reliable repairing and servicing HVAC companies Houston Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trane Products

What is the Average Price of a Trane Air Conditioner?

The price of a Trane air conditioner may vary depending upon many factors, like the size of the system, SEER ratings, and even the model that you choose. Trane air conditioners range from $4500 to $10,500.

How Do I Service My Trane Air Conditioner?

You can search for Trane air conditioner services near you, and schedule professional servicing to deal with any problem your AC is facing. If small issues like air filter clogging or wrong thermostat settings impact the efficiency of your AC, you can handle those by yourself.

How Much Does it Cost to Have an AC Unit Cleaned?

For cleaning your AC unit, you might need to call Trane air conditioner repair services near you. The average cost of a Trane AC unit cleaning is $250.

Where is the Filter on a Trane Air Conditioner?

The air return side of the AC unit usually has the air filters. The filters generally slide into a slot above or below the AC unit.

Should I Cover My Trane Air Conditioner?

You can cover the outdoor unit of your air conditioner to protect it from getting easily clogged by dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris. Using mesh fabric is the best idea if you wish to cover the unit. Other materials may interrupt the airflow.

How Do You Clean a Trane Air Conditioner Filter?

You can clean the Trane air conditioner filter without calling for technicians who provide Trane air conditioner repair near you. You can use a mild detergent and soft-bristled brush and rinse the filter under running water.

How Do I Reset My Trane Electronic Air Filter?

First, you need to insert the power connector and then press the power button for a couple of seconds. When the light comes back on, you must press the reset button until the pre-filter light turns on and only one green light is on.