Prepare Your AC for Summer With These Steps

Summer is approaching, and everyone is gears up for a good time. This includes cooling off at the beach or in the pool. Another option is to remain in the comfort of your own house while the air conditioner is turned on. However, because air conditioning systems are only used once a year, people often overlook them. This means the system hasn’t received a proper AC service in Houston, for a while.

When a system hasn’t been checked and serviced regularly, it causes a build-up in dust and debris, which could affect the system and its internal parts.

Be Prepared For Summer with These Steps

It is best to arrange a service or AC replacement, as soon as the winter is over. This way, your system will be ready to go, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. Here are a few thing you can do to get your system prepare –

Schedule an AC Service

The first thing to do as summer comes to an end is to schedule an AC repair in Houston. These services are required to keep your system in good working condition. If necessary parts are changed and damaged are fixed before they could get worse. Without an AC service, there is a high possibility of your system suddenly breaking down during summer, and due to the high demand for technicians, it is unlikely that you may be able to have it fixed the same day.

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

Because it is an inside component, many individuals neglect to clean or change their air filters regularly. The filter’s main purpose is to assist enhance the air quality in your home by eliminating impurities from the air that your air conditioner absorbs before releasing it. However, if the filters remain unclean, pollutants and debris can clog the system. This causes a build-up that not only restricts airflow but can also damage the system.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Keep an eye on your outside unit’s condition. If it’s near or beneath a tree, there’s a good chance that branches and leaves will fall into the system. Debris is less likely to enter the system if the surrounding environment is cleared. It’s also a good idea to protect it. This will also keep anything out of the system and any animals from damaging it.

Check Coolant Level

It’s critical to have a professional inspect the amount of refrigerant in the system. The refrigerant serves as a cooling agent within the system, chilling the sucked-in air through the evaporator coils. Your system will not be able to function correctly if the refrigerant level is low. This lowers the system’s efficiency, potentially causing it to fail.

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