Is Forced Air Heating System Gas Or Electric?

While radiators and baseboard heaters are still used in certain homes, forced air heating is standard. Forced air heaters are available in both gas and electric versions. Both of these options will complete the work while keeping your home comfortable.

Electric and gas heaters work in the same way. They’ll use a fan to circulate heated air via a heat exchanger (gas) or heating element (electric) and distribute it throughout your house through air ducts.

Our services of HVAC companies in Houston area offer a step-by-step guide to assist you in finding out if your home’s forced-air heating is gas or electric.

What Is the most effective way to determine whether my home’s forced-air heating is electric or gas?

  • The first step is to ensure the heating system is a forced-air system. You most likely have forced air if your home has vents and ducts instead of baseboard heaters, radiant heat, mini-splits, or a boiler.

  • The thermostats should be set to a higher temperature. You should hear the air ducts moving and feel the warm airflow as it begins to function.

  • Next, find your forced-air heating system from the services of our HVAC repair in Houston area. It might be in your basements, attic, utility closet, or even the outside access panel of your home. Start at the top and works your ways backward through the ducting if you’re unsure.

  • On the gadget, it may state whether it’s gas or electric. It may be as easy as that, so start with the labels.

You can usually determine if it isn’t by looking at the front panel. In a gas heat exchanger, a burner is utilized to generate heat. There is usually a little glass on the front of the heater. Take a look out the window at the scenery. A blue flame identifies a gas heat exchanger. A small metal panel will be present on specific gadgets that can be readily removed. Return there to check whether the blue flame is still burning.

Electric systems are silent and don’t have an access window or panel. Electric furnaces heat the air using electric coils, while a gas forced air system heats the air with burners in a combustion chamber. The coils heat up as electricity is sent through them. If you need additional heat, the waves will get hotter.

Purchase one for your home

Spend no more than a few days in a house with a broken heater during the winter – everyone knows how miserable it is to be trapped in a house that is much too chilly.

Prepare for winter with our furnace service  area to guarantee that your forced air heating is ready to go. We can assist you seven days a week if you have a heating emergency, twenty-four hours a day.

But first, make sure everything is in working condition with a tune-up. To prevent a breakdown during the winter, you must get the maintenance you need. Maintaining your systems might also help you save money by increasing their efficiency.

Alternately, a whole new heating system might be installed from our heating replacement in Houston, TX area. Whatever you do, make sures you’re ready to stay warm and cozy over the next winter months. Just call Alief Ultra Mechanical Air Conditioning Heating at (281) 498-4148.


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