How Long Should a Furnace Run During a Typical Heating Cycle?

A furnace is one of the most important investments to your comfort. It keeps your home warm during the coldest days of winter. But how do you know that your furnace is functioning at its maximum efficiency? Luckily, this is easy to understand. All you want to do is control the working time of your furnace.

In this blog, you will find out about the average time your furnace should run and the factors that might affect it.

The average run time of your furnace 

The average running time of your furnace should be 15 min per cycle. Your furnace should run at least two to three times in an hour to function optimally. Apart from this, various external factors might affect the run time of your furnace.

In the presence of these factors, the run time may be affected drastically. But in the absence of these factors. If your furnace continues to run for a longer or shorter period, then it may be a reason for concern. If you keep noticing abnormal performance of your furnace, you could call up the furnace service in Houston TX, and get your furnace checked.

External factors affecting the furnace 

The external factors which might affect the run time of your furnace are as mentioned below,

  • The temperature 

When the temperature outside drops, your furnace starts running for a longer time. The colder the air outside, the more time is required for the furnace to heat your home.

  • The thermostat

The temperature at which you include your thermostat plays a major role in the working of the furnace. The higher you set your temperature, you will require more running time for the furnace. Hence manually reducing temperature can help affect the running time of your furnace to a great extent.

Possible problems with your furnace

In the absence of external factors, there might be several other factors that might affect the run time of your furnace. In case of these problems, you need to look for a heating installation in Houston. Some of the issues are mentioned below,

  • Unclean furnace

An unclean filter leads to clogging of air, which causes resistance and the heat exchange begins to overheat. It might lead to an increased running time of the furnace.

  • Poor insulation

If your home is not insulated properly, this could cause the hot air to escape and the cold air to enter your home. Due to this, your furnace has to run for a longer time to reach the optimum temperature.

  • Wrong size of the furnace 

The average time your furnace takes to heat your home also depends upon the size of your furnace. If your furnace is too large for your home, your home might get warm sooner than usual, and if your furnace is too small for your home, it might lead to cold spots throughout your space.

Therefore, if you encounter any such problems related to your furnace’s run time, you can contact Ultra mechanical alief heating and air conditioning. We provide you with the best technicians who arrive at your HVAC repair in Houston within no time. Schedule your appointment now by calling us at (281) 498-4148.

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