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Find Out If Your Furnace is Ready for Winter with These 7 Simple Yet Pro Tips.

When the winter strikes Houston, the last thing that every homeowner wants is to be left in the cold. There are many preventive measures to keep the furnace at its best condition throughout the year. But even when you have maintained your furnace all year long, you need to inspect the system at least once before starting it for the first time this winter. A complete system inspection will help you determine if your system is safe or requires a furnace repair in Houston TX, to run efficiently this winter.

7 Pro Tips to Ensure that Your Furnace is Completely Ready for Winter and is Running at its Best Condition 

Check the Thermostat 

Before the winter arrives, the first thing you need to do is change the setting of your thermostat from “cooling” to “heating.” It would be helpful if you also do a little bit of fine-tuning of the thermostat. Check if the batteries of the thermostat are working correctly. If they are not, you need to install new batteries replacing the old ones. When you check your thermostat and the system early, you get a better chance of addressing all the problems before the winter strikes.

Change the Filters 

Even if you are scheduling a furnace replacement, at least twice a year, you still need to change your HVAC filters every month. If the winter is approaching, this is an excellent time to go ahead and replace the filters. Monthly cleaning and replacing of the air filters keep potentially harmful particles from clogging up your system.

Inspect the Heat Exchanger 

Every year before the winter, you need to hire a professional heating installation in Houston, to clean the heat exchanger for you. This step will save the life of your furnace and help the system to run efficiently.

Check the Vents

Keep your vents clean and dust-free before the winter arrives. Clean vents allow the warm air to flow inside your home without any barrier and also makes it easier for your system to operate at its peak efficiency.

Inspect the Igniter Switch 

In the case of a gas furnace, it is necessary to re-ignite the pilot light. New furnace systems have an electronic igniter, and you can activate it just by pushing a button. If you find that the igniter switch is not working, you need to try the reset button and see if that helps. Check the breakers, inspect the igniter switch or change the switch if it is not working.

Prepare Your Home 

Along with your furnace, you need to prepare your home for the winter. Do a little insulation work for all the windows and doors. Look for gaps that could cause heated air loss. The more you prepare your home; the less your furnace will need to work.

Schedule a Furnace Inspection 

If you want to get ready for the winter, call for professional HVAC contractors in Houston, TX. This furnace repair should pinpoint all the existing damages and potential issues and correct them.

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