Why My Furnace Is Not Igniting?

As the winter gets colder and breezier in Houston, your furnace becomes the most reliable means of home comfort. However, furnaces are not armored entities that will always work whenever you need them. Like any mechanical appliance, your furnace is also prone to occasional glitches and collapses. One of the most common problems with your furnace is when it fails to ignite. It’s a little too frustrating experience. When your furnace fails to ignite, you can schedule a furnace repair in Houston, TX. Detecting the problems in the early hours and calling for a servicing save your money by preventing the system from getting worse.

4 Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Igniting 

The Thermostat Problem 

It may seem obvious because your thermostat instructs your furnace to start working and maintain a specific temperature inside your house. If your furnace is not igniting, check if your thermostat setting is on “heat” and not “cold.” If that’s not the reason causing the problem, check if your thermostat shows an error code.

Programmable thermostats display error codes when something goes wrong with them. Check the display if it is telling you what the problem is.

If you have tried all the possible options, and the problem seems to be slightly trickier than a simple thermostat problem, call us for a furnace repair or a heating replacement Houston, TX.

A problem in The Gas Line 

Check if the gas is on. If your gas furnace is receiving adequate gas supply and still is not working, your furnace needs to have a professional inspection.

If you find anything wrong with the furnace’s gas supply, your furnace is potentially lacking the necessary amount of fuel supply to ignite. Moreover, if you can smell gas and doubt there is a leak, move out of your home immediately and call Alief Heating & Air Conditioning for an emergency evaluation.

Furnace Problem 

Your furnace itself can be the cause of a problem. If the switch inside the device is accidentally off, your furnace will not ignite.

You must be sure that the power is on and check the breaker to ensure that the furnace does not trip. If you find a breaker tripping, you can turn it back on. However, if your breaker continues to trip, call a furnace repair expert, before anything goes wrong.

Filter Problem 

One of the most accessible solutions to a malfunctioning furnace is changing the air filter. You need to follow a static routine for changing the air filters because blocked or clogged air filters impair the furnace’s airflow. Check if the furnace filters are clean. If you find them very dirty, you may need to hire a professional HVAC technician to change the air filters and clean the air ducts.

Alief Heating & Air Conditioning can bring your furnace back to normal in no time. If you are facing any of these problems, you should call us to service your furnace. If you want to go for a HVAC repair in Houston., we can help you with professional repair and installation.

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