What Makes a High Efficiency Gas Furnace so Efficient?

Have you ever noticed when purchasing electronic equipment such as a refrigerator, a heating furnace, or an air conditioner, the equipment has an energy guide with an estimated operating cost or a rating out of 5 stars, with more stars indicating the better the equipment?

Have you ever considered what distinguishes 5-star equipment from 4 or 3-star equipment? In this blog, we will discuss what makes a 5-star gas furnace the best of the lot HVAC repair in Houston.

The components which make a high-efficiency furnace so efficient 

Every furnace differs from the other when it comes to features and efficiency. Few components which increase the efficiency of the furnace are as discussed below.

Electronic Ignition

It is used to light up the furnace and is only used to fire up the furnace. In the old and generic models of furnaces, it had a gas-powered pilot light. These days, this component is made electrical, making it comparatively safer and energy-efficient in saving the energy to keep the tiny flame fired up until turned off.

Two-Phase Heating

The heating furnace has 2 phases: The lower phase and the higher phase.

In areas with frequent temperature fluctuations, furnace designers devise a two-phase heating mechanism, higher phase according to the toggled, at the start, where high energy is used to convert electricity to heat.

This phase lasts only a short time because its main job is to warm the very cold area. When the room temperature is stable, the lower phase is according to the toggled, and its sole function is to keep the temperature stable with slow airflow. This phase uses less energy but lasts a lot longer.

Smart Speed Blower

Blowers have also become efficient over time, increasing or decreasing fan speed based on airflow requirements. For example, when the air filter has filled, the airflow required is high, so the blower detects this and increases the speed, whereas when the filter is clean, the blower slows down and saves energy. Fix your furnace and save some extra bucks on electricity bills by getting furnace repair in Houston, TX.

Second Heat Exchanger

This technology extracts heat from exhaust gases via a second heat exchanger, typically vented outside our homes. This concept was not present in older or generic furnaces. It allows the furnace to produce approximately two units of heat from a single unit of electricity.

Sealed Combustion

For heating, the furnace has to take in some amount of air. Sealed combustion furnaces do so by taking the air from outside, using less energy, and improving safety levels.

Finally, regardless of how advanced the furnace is, all furnaces will begin to have problems after a certain time of usage if regular maintenance is not done. In a case, where you cannot fixate a furnace yourself you can call . If you figure out what’s wrong, you might be able to get a heating replacement Houston TX.

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