What is the Most Efficient Heating System?

Heating systems have proven to be one of the essential components of the urban household. The most efficient heating systems must be cost-effective and energy-saving. Homeowners are often perplexed by the no of alternatives available in the market.

To make sure that you make the right decision, it is always a good idea to reach up to heating replacement in Houston TXto gain an insight on the most efficient heating system.

Mini-split Heat Pumps

These heating systems take the environment and release the warm air with the heat surrounding the unit. The unit comprises an outdoor unit that helps in capturing the air. The Captured air is run through the coils, and hot refrigerant is circulated in the unit. The blower is responsible for dissipating the heat.

What Makes It Efficient?

  • Zero leakage

The air is not wasted anywhere inside the heating system as the duct forms most unit parts.

  • No overheating

As the heat is not created but withdrawn from the atmosphere. With the seamless technology, heating refrigerant moves with the air producing warm air.

  • High ratings

Homeowners can consider mini-split heat pumps as their EER rating is close to 15-20. It is one of the most efficient heat pumps with an energy star rating.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The name used the soil and water from a nearby source to capture and release the heat outside the residence. Series of Pipes are laid across and submerged in water source in the loop fashion. It is done this way as even in harsh winter, the temperature underground remains 40 to 50 degrees.

A refrigerant solution picks up the heat and carries it along the pipe. It can be considered one of the efficient heating systems as;

  • Low energy bills

It cuts the power supply by 70-80 percent. Homeowners should call out to HVAC repair in Houston to install the geothermal pumps. If they want to save a fortune on their energy bills.

  • Environment friendly

No harmful chemicals are released by the unit in the atmosphere as they draw out the energy from the atmosphere. It holds zero or no potential for operational risk.

Standard Split Heat Pump System 

It is one of the best preferred and affordable heating systems. They function by operating between indoor and outdoor units, meanwhile circulating refrigerant.

Heated air is moved along the ducts via blower and lastly released in the room. Homeowners should call out to Heating repair in Houston if they are looking for a unit that can be mobile while looking for a more energy-efficient option.

Gas Furnaces

The use of gas furnaces is still considered efficient by the homeowners as they are highly efficient when it comes to heating. Gas Furnace use propane or natural gas to create heat. The hot gas is passed through heat exchangers and then transferred for circulation by the blower fan.

For homeowners living in the climate zone where the temperature goes below zero, gas furnaces are the most efficient option as they have variable gas valves, and warmth inside the house can be controlled. Let’s look at the reason what makes it efficient;

  • Low cost

Installing a furnace can turn out to be very affordable. It has a lower maintenance cost than any other heating system.

  • High heating efficiency

As per the Annual fuel Utilization Efficiency, it has ratings of 95 percent, which is a measure of the efficiency of furnace heating capacity.

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