How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

HVAC systems are a huge and long-term investment, usually lasting up to 15-30 years, depending on the quality of the system and the maintenance done on the same. However, if you don’t take good care of it or do not regularly service it, it can last for a shorter lifespan. Different HVAC systems differ to some extent in their lifespan.

People who live near the coastal areas experience a shorter lifespan of their HVAC system due to the greater exposure to salt. Many different factors affect the lifespan of HVAC systems. You can contact an HVAC professional and although there are many HVAC companies in Houston, make sure you choose the most credible one and would offer you the best advice. Make sure you know which HVAC systems last for how many years and how you can increase the same lifespan.

The lifespan of different HVAC systems

  • Furnaces: Furnaces may last 20-25 years with proper care and good maintenance and 10-15 if they are not taken care of properly.
  • Air Conditioners: Air conditioners last 15-20 years with good care and maintenance and usually are replaced when problems arise due to the condenser or compressor.
  • Heat Pumps: The average lifespan of a heat pump is 15 years, although they can last up to 20 years as well.
  • Boilers: Boilers last for about 20-30 years and should be replaced when the exchanger develops leaks.
  • Ductless Mini-splits: Similar to heat pumps, ductless mini-splits also last for about 10-30 years with good care and regular for AC installation in Richmond.

Signs it is time to replace your HVAC systems

  • Age

It is always advisable to replace your HVAC system when they cross 10-15 years since their overall efficiency starts to deteriorate regardless of you facing any major problems with it or not.

  • Energy bills

If you notice your energy bills suddenly rising dramatically, it is because of your HVAC systems. An HVAC system requires more energy to function properly, which could be the reason for your rising bills. It is always economical to replace your furnace rather than spend on unnecessary expensive bills.

  • Frequent major damages

If you have started experiencing major damages more frequently with your HVAC system, it can be an indication that your HVAC is nearing the end of its lifespan and that it would be better to replace your furnace than to spend a fortune on the damages. If you need HVAC repair in Houston, check our website

Increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system

  • Clean and replace the air filters of your HVAC system regularly.
  • Get your tune-ups done regularly by a trained HVAC professional.
  • Repair any minor or major damages within time.
  • Make sure the HVAC system is properly installed.
  • Clean the ducts annually and keep the vents open.
  • Avoid oversizing or undersizing the HVAC system.

It is equally important to get your tune-ups and repairs done by a trusted HVAC company to ensure that you face fewer problems in the future. Are you wondering where to get the best furnace repair? Contact Alief Ultra Mechanical for all your HVAC-related services. Give us a call on (281) 498-414 or ((281) 277-7557 or drop us a mail at [email protected], and we will be at your service!

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