Checklist points for Air Conditioning Tune-Up.

Air conditioners with their components in the inner and outdoor unit work to cool your surroundings. Unfortunately, several factors account for the failure of the air conditioner. 

The unwanted consequences because of the failure are your comfort, high electricity bills, which means a high expenditure, and heavyweight. 

Any defective air conditioner can lead to severe consequences for human life. Maintenance is, therefore, the solution. Before you tune-up, your air conditioner goes through these points and puts a tick against every tip for your air conditioner as a checklist. In case you need AC installation in Houston, visit The website.

Check the Refrigerant levels of the air conditioner.

  • A refrigerant is a chemical compound in an air conditioner that maintains cooling by an air conditioner. This chemical substance stays in the copper coils of the evaporator.
  •  The air conditioner absorbs heat from the outside environment to convert hot air into cool air by passing it through compressors and evaporators.
  • This chemical substance is the catalyst in the functioning of the evaporator and performs dual functioning of converting heat into liquid and back vice- versa for cooling purposes.
  • Refrigerants as a chemical exist in several kinds, such as chlorofluorocarbons, freons, Puron, etc. Low refrigerant levels influence cooling. Low refrigerant levels in the cooling coils will likely produce quiet cooling in your interior surroundings.
  • Alief heating and cooling with technical HVAC specialists with tremendous experience can investigate the causes of low refrigerant levels and prevent the harm of refrigerant spills. 
  • They specialize in fixing your air conditioner at fair prices to revamp it to bring effective results.


Check the evaporator coils in the inside unit of the air conditioner.

  • The evaporator coil in the inside unit of the air conditioner cools the refrigerant by absorbing heat. The fan blower blows over the refrigerant coil, turning it into a state of vapors.
  • During AC Unit tune-up, the licensed, certified technical professional HVAC technicians of Alief heating and cooling assess the indoor loop; they remove the grime in the evaporator for enhanced air conditioner performance, which lowers your electricity bills.
  •  If replacing your air conditioner is the only solution, Alief heating and cooling’s air conditioning Replacement in Houston and other parts of Texas with a team of technicians ensures reliable, excellent, and economical replacement.

Check the Condenser coil as a unit outside. 

  • The condenser, as an outside unit of your air conditioning, is a bunch of curly coils with air fans inside, and a refrigerant line assists in controlling the air conditioner’s temperature.
  • Air conditioners continue to function for an extended period with changing weather conditions such as rains, and other factors such as lack of maintenance are the case behind air conditioner run-wear and tear, thus breaking down outdoor unit systems which further impairs and handicaps the inside unit.
  • Our HVAC technician experts at Alief heating and cooling will examine and inspect the condenser coils to ensure the working of the condenser coil and fans and diagnose faulty coils and blower. We are the best HVAC contractors in Houston, TX with reliable services at your doorstep. 
  • Based on their observations, they can even recommend replacement/ installation of air conditioner services at reasonable prices with discounts.
  • They can advise you of the suitable air conditioner according to your electricity consumption, drastically lowering your skyrocketing electricity bills.

Examine the air flow Channels

  • Since channels like air filters, registers and vents are critical to your well-being and the air conditioner’s efficiency. Dirty air channels are the reasons behind blower engines that overheat and create a load on the air conditioner and wear out!
  • The air filter filters the impurities from the air to flow pure air, while the air channels like the vent and register streamline pure and cool air for safe and toxic-free breathing.
  • The professional and licensed technicians at Alief heating and cooling ensure that you’re using the right airflow channel and, in case ac replacement /installation with air channel replacement is necessary. They provide ac services which are worth its money.  
  • If your venting system channels like Acc Clean (embed connect here for ACC clean), then make sure they are changed each 2-3 months.
  • You can schedule reliable AC services on our website or dial (281) 277-7557 for the unrestrained, energy -efficient and fruitful performance of the air conditioner.  

Inspect the Indoor Blower Engine

  •  This fan is responsible for all of the air cooling inside your home. It executes two functions-
  • First, it holds and absorbs the hot air l and afterward blows cool air back into vents to dissipate it. 
  • Our licensed and qualified HVAC technical experts can inspect the malfunctioning blower fan having dirt, slime, and residue that impairs its functioning. Our professional and qualified technicians provide the best AC maintenance in Houston. This fan is liable for all of the air courses inside your home. 

Examine the Wet Switch

  • The Wet Switch prevents flooding and property damage by detecting water caused by condensate production from air conditioning, drain leaks, etc. 
  • When liquid is detected, the circuit breaks. The control system is disabled. 
  • Multiple Wet Switches connected in series (in extreme heat) cover large areas. The wet switch has insulated relay contacts that add flexibility in installations with electronic control boards.
  • To check the proper functioning of the wet switch, you can press the “TEST” after restarting the electricity supply,
  • Alief heating and cooling provides holistic care for your air conditioner with security measures to rule out the possibility of future damage like leaks etc.
  • Pocket-friendly, safe, convenient Air maintenance, air repair, and AC installation services by licensed and qualified professional HVAC technicians are available on the Alief heating and cooling website.

Test the functioning of the AC Capacitors

  • The air conditioner capacitors located in the outside unit of the air conditioner spark to generate electricity.
  •  The AC capacitor is the storehouse of the electricity to run the motor and delivers electricity for the appropriate and energy-efficient performance of the air conditioner. 
  • Rising heat as outdoor temperature, short-circuiting, excessive power from the back, short cycling, and wear and tear of the AC capacitor is the reason behind complete failure and constraint in energy-effective cooling.
  • Smoke, burning smells, humming sounds, slow cooling cycles in an air conditioner, and cooling failure are a few symptoms of the breakdown of the air conditioner.
  • Insufficient electricity supply to the air conditioner due to a defective AC capacitor creates pressure on the air conditioner to run at peak efficiency, which may further damage, and collapse other parts of the air conditioner or even burst your air conditioner in flames.
  • Defective capacitors similarly is the cause of AC repair or installation leading to total breakdown,
  • The HVAC staff of Alief heating and cooling have the license and experience to trace the reasons behind the capacitors’ breakdown and its effects on the air conditioner, the humming sound, and its functionality. 
  • They also deliver safe, convenient, and reliable AC repair in Houston and service areas in Texas, AC replacement, and AC installation with a guarantee for every capacitor in your air conditioner. Alief heating and cooling is available for their customers as a one-stop shop for your air conditioner and its services at a fair and reasonable price. In addition, we are available with all kinds of preparation for emergency and same-day services at a time when your service is scheduled so that you do not worry about your comfort. 

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