5 Reasons To Schedule Your AC Maintenance This Spring

It is essential to be prepared as prevention is better than cure. This applies to your air conditioning system as well. Annual maintenance for HVAC systems is crucial but what also matters is the time of the year when you schedule the maintenance service. A lot can happen with an unused AC between fall and summer, and wintertime is spent making sure the heater is working fine. This leaves spring to be the best time to schedule your AC service in Houston.

Condensate Drains:

With heat commonly comes humidity, and excessive humidity in an enclosed residential or commercial space can not only be extremely irritating, but it can also cause discolouration of carpets, curtains, furniture, and walls. This is why maintenance service is important to ensure your condensate drains are not clogged and are clean enough to let out the excessive moisture effectively. 

Evaporator And Condenser Coil Cleaning:

The evaporator and condenser coils of your air conditioner are prone to collecting dirt and debris throughout the year. This can ultimately hamper the equipment’s airflow and heat absorption capacity if left uncleaned. While simply cleaning the condenser coils can be done by yourself, these coils also need to be checked periodically by a technician to make sure there are no bends that can restrict function. Incase, you need AC installation in West University  check our website.

AC Filter Cleaning And Changing:

The filter is generally the most neglected part of an AC when the opposite should be the case. From time to time, if the filters of your air conditioner are not cleaned to get rid of all the dust that can accumulate there, it can lead to malfunction. With clogged filters, the AC will not maintain the airflow it should, and straining to do so will be more energy consuming, leading to higher power bills.

Electrical Checkup:

As you must know, faulty wiring can potentially lead to a fire hazard, and it takes only someone experienced to recognize a problem before it is too late. At the time of your maintenance checkup, the technician inspects the whole equipment for all kinds of minor and major issues with the electrical system. And the issues are thus resolved to ensure smooth functioning as the electrical system is the most crucial part of your AC.

Refrigerant Concerns:

Maintaining the right amount of refrigerant in your air conditioning system is extremely important. If there are leaks or breaks, they need to be repaired immediately as it is illegal to release harmful refrigerants into the environment and because it can be a health hazard affecting anyone who comes in contact with it. The matter is critical and needs an experienced technician

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, springtime is the best time for scheduling a maintenance service for your AC. Maintenance shouldn’t be taken for granted or done by someone inexperienced in the field. This is why the residents of Houston need a reliable, professional AC replacement Houston. This is where we at Alief Heating and Air Conditioning come in as one of the leading AC companies in Houston, TX.

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